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What Happened To Heather Harmon.

A crappy ass shit still abounds.

Un article que vous ne verrez jamais sur le le nouveau « Je suis partout », un média antisémite qui pue la faucille, le marteau et l’harissa !

Ms. Marine Lepen have compared Islam to the invasion of Europe, she is not alone:
Over 40% of French people approve of! And 54% of voters in the UMP.

Rest assured Ms. Le Pen, Victor Hugo wrote "When his time came, an idea that is stronger invading army! "

Ms. Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate of the National Front would, in the words of" Press "nauseating Muslim Marxist ultra left, is an alleged link between " prayers "(as I do, I call idiocy Koranic), Muslims in the streets of the republic and the occupation of France by German National Socialist (What nostalgic for the period, say, known in slang Berlin: "Nazi!") During the Second World War .

Some complained about the famous "class" politics of gang of four criminals (With slight differences, however) and a "press" as the offshoot of the World, to boot nazislamism of anti-Semitic!

statement following the remarks actually quite harmless and measured the most appalling stupidity has been issued by Benoît Hamon, spokesman for the Socialist Party .

For Benoît Hamon , a Breton born and bred, who holds a degree in history who is fluent as his "allies" Communist, amnesia, denial and especially the shading, diversion and counterfeiting features notable historical socialism of yesterday, today and tomorrow: "political family of Marine Le Pen had lunch with the occupier. It is an insult to the history of France and those who have shed their blood to liberate France and restore the republic. " This is the "true face of the French extreme right," he believes.

Here, Mr. Hamon, should remember the history of France, and very unfortunately for you and your political friends, it is the socialist French who voted full powers to Marshal Philippe Petain regularly elected by the Assembly National (House + Senate), which was that, elected in May 1936, the Popular Front disgusting.

For you, Benoît Hamon, Ms. Le Pen would be the devil himself, who, at the head of fascist hordes, awe France. Employing a propaganda machine worthy of Goebbels, (Curiously, the good Dr. Goebbels was initially a convinced Marxist, a Communist rallied to the National Socialist Third Reich Chancellor of democratically elected Mr. Adolf Hitler, after reading his book "My Struggle") it would be the number one enemy of the Republic. The proof of its "strange" values of the French Republic: the question of national preference and the Muslim invasion.

But the French, some like you, Benoît Hamon, have short memories and do not rely on the media as the stinking and other world to remind them that the French colonial empire was the work of the left, or that the national preference has been built into law in August 1932 by Mr. Blum and Salengro, the SFIO (Socialist Party). This law was repealed in 1981 by the sly I hope that you know, the icon Socialist Mitterrand, who holds the ax Vichy, grown resistant ... end of 1944.

Mr. Hamon Since it takes you to dot the i's, let's go: You say: "The political family of Marine Le Pen had lunch with the occupier. " First news, we go out to you where this one?

That Pierre Laval, a member of the Socialist Party since 1905, counsel billionaire, sometimes defending trade unionists of the CGT and Communist who was the mayor since 1923 and member Socialist Aubervilliers (term as mayor he held until the Liberation) lunched with Hitler himself, it is knew it! Like between 1939 and 1942 the French Communist leaders and "activists" on the left of that time, were all members of the famous Bolshevik komintern stuffed with anti-Semitic, as Jacques Duclos, who denounced it the has already said (but like that, it will ... said. ROSE !!!), the "Jew Mandel," interior minister under Paul Reynaud .

Me; M. Hamon, accuse your political family, having given full powers to Pétain! J'accuse Pierre Laval mayor of Aubervilliers SOCIALIST have said " I wish victory to Germany." I accuse the Socialist mayor of Aubervilliers to have a social fascist in April 1942; appointed new head of government of the Vichy regime under Marshal Petain, to have strengthened the political nauseating collaboration with the occupying party National Socialist German Workers call you Nazis!

J'accuse Laval, Socialist mayor of Aubervilliers your policy SOCIALIST FAMILY Benoît HAMON !!!!!!, have early July 1942, proposed to deliver foreign Jews living in the unoccupied zone by attaching their children!! Yes, Mr. Hamon! The deportation of children Jews ... ... ... ... ... ...!! Exclusive is the fact the mayor of Aubervilliers SOCIALIST !!!!!!!!!!!!

is the sole fact of a member of YOUR FAMILY POLICY Mr. Hamon SOCIALIST! Mr. Hamon is abominable and is a member of your family, social policy, which proposed that?

And you just accuse and give moral lessons to Mrs. Lepen, like me or you also have experienced the Second World War, but which have a historic culture that you seem or pretend to be free, unfounded accusation of indescribable shame? Mr. Hamon you hide you're little, tiny, tiny or open his mouth to express your vile nonsense SOCIALIST!! Responsible for over 1500 000 000 innocent victims in the world!! Yes SIR HAMON political ideology that motivates you is deadly and criminal against humanity! " In addition, the responsibilities of your fellow party, the Socialist mayor of Paris Laval in the roundup of the Vel d'Hiv 'from 16-17 July 1942, and that perpetrated August 26, 1942 in the southern zone is overwhelming.

Solicited to reverse its decision to include in convoys children under 16 years ( initially unsolicited Germans ), including the pastor Boegner, Leader of the Protestants of France, the filthy and disgusting socialist mayor of Aubervilliers Laval refuse: "Not one of these children should remain in France." Pastor Boegner will report later: "What could I get a man to whom the Germans have been led to believe - or rather pretended to believe - that the Jews were brought from France in Poland South to cultivate the land of the Jewish state that Germany said it wanted to be. I spoke to her killing, he replied gardening. 's borders were overwhelmed by the vile socialist mayor of Aubervilliers.

And it keeps growing, and again, racism and antisemitism in the spread of the PS one of the gazettes, and July 6, 2006 following the shocking revelations of the statements made before a delegation of French PS directed by Francois Hollande and Pierre Moscovici we are entitled to ask questions. While the PS first secretary François Hollande was received by Amar Saadani then president of the National People's Assembly Algerian NPC.

A senior RCD official to whom the French Socialists have reported the remarks subsequently confirmed by a former head of the FFS, in the interview in the presence of M Moscovici national secretary for international relations, Kader Arif and Bariza Khiari: the third strong man of Algeria true to his anti-Semitism primary let go without blinking "at PS there are too many Jews must begin de-Jew-ridden to counter their lobby" .
This ad has been ignored and has had no major impact from the PS, playing the usual Nidor and "game" of filthy socialist politician strengths and power, did not try to offend his interlocutors racist and antisemitic Algerians under "possible" future partnerships if the PS had to take political power in France and for an "international socialist solidarity.

Should there also, SIR HAMON, you mean the National Front which was created May 15, 1941 by the French Communist Party (By Jacques Duclos communist terrorist murderer and criminal, sentenced in 1928, forty seven years imprisonment and a deserter in Moscow, English international assassin squads and member of the Red Trade Union International, with his sidekick Roger Solomon Ginsburger said Pierre Villon), which was intended for representation "political" groups of armed struggle: the guerrillas and supporters French (FTPF) . National Front, the Communists were the most numerous, but he counted among his supporters and his senior members of the SFIO Jordery as Claude, a former Socialist deputy.

Give me a moment, Mr. Hamon, you're talking about a great socialist Salvador Allende, who was so anti-democratic, racist and Semitic as his great friend, the recipient of the Marshal Petain Francisco, Francois Mitterrand.
Here, to illustrate my assertions about the dirty fellow socialist, the way in which expressed the idol of the French socialists and the media racist and antisemitic

" Jews are characterized by definite forms of crimes: fraud, deceit, slander, and especially wear [...]. These facts point to the likelihood that race affects delinquency. " "[...] gypsies are usually criminal groups or laziness, rage and vanity prevail. Among them, the killings are more numerous. As for the "Arab", "there are some honest and industrious tribes but many are more adventurous, improvident, lazy and laid the thefts. According to Professor Victor Farias these words were uttered in his youth so much admired by the icon of the Marxist left to "human face" Dr. Salvador Allende.

The great friend of your famous "Uncle", François Mitterrand, the recipient of the Francisco Marshal Petain had serious hints or fascists NATIONAL SOCIALIST (Sorry Mr. Hamon, I know, they say NAZI home in Berlin slang of the 40s, which oddly, you seem not to have lost the habit of speaking) especially nauseating stench. But I understand, Mr. Hamon, that as a former adviser for Youth to the Trotskyist Lionel Jospin, whose father Robert, a militant "pacifist", member of the SFIO former editor Germinal alderman and collaboration Meudon in 1944, appointed by the government's anti-Semitic Laval, you avoid you spread out the putrid stench of your political anti-Semitic!
Returning for a moment still on the anti-Semitic Marxist Allende was never elected "democratically" but "appointed" to head the state sought to make socialism a doctrine similar to the totalitarian national socialism (yes, yes, I know SIR HAMON; in Berlin in 1939 was said to Nazi Francois Mitterrand in 1943 and received at the hands of the Petain Francisco N° 2202 ! Quels souvenirs délicieux n’est ce pas ?), l’une étant toujours la face cachée de l’autre, et du prétendu héroïsme révolutionnaire l’expression d’une violence qu’il faudrait bannir de la cité à coups de normalisation des corps et des esprits.
En cachant tout cela, sciemment; (car je ne vous ferai pas l'injure, monsieur Hamon, de vous considérer, vous, un "licencié" en histoire, comme un ignare, seulement comme un falsificateur et un immonde révisionniste); vous participez à la grande opération de désinformation occultant la réalité des centaines, des milliers de socialistes antisémites qui ont servi le régime de Pétain et vous montrez ainsi le vrai visage du SOCIALISME Français toujours autant antisémite.


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